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27 July: Young Hollywood Awards
01 August: Imagen Awards
10 August: Teen Choice Awards
11 November: Release of her book "Bella Autumn Falls"
2014: Release of the line of dresses with Sherri Hill

I have added 11 medium quality photos of Bella at the Guns ‘n Roses show at Coachella 2016.

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Bella Thorne was spotted at Mandy Makeup Salon in West Hollywood 4/11/2016.

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Bella saw seen 4 days ago (April 11th) having lunch in Miami.

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On August 16th, Bella Thorne attended the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles. She won a surfboard for Choice Movie Villain for her role in the movie The Duff. I have just added 83 HQ and MQ images from the appearance into our photo gallery!

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Recently, Bella Thorne talked on the magazine Teen Vogue about their relationship and while she didn’t use the word “dating”, what she described is just that.

“I’m much more of a homebody and so is Gregg. He just wants to stay in and watch Netflix. It’s been great so far,” Bella shared. “We’re just hanging out, having fun, and getting to know each other. We’ve agreed to not see other people and are taking things slowly so we can see where it goes over the next few months.”

Bella added about posting pics of each other on Instagram, “OK, come on—that’s how the Instagame should go. I’m not gonna lie. Your man should definitely post about you. Girls that are in relationships where guys don’t Instagram about the girls they’re dating or their girlfriends is just weird. I think it’s also, like, “What are you trying to be? Single on Instagram?” Girl, post me. Did you see this? Like, why aren’t I on their Instagram? We post things together just like we would with any of our other friends.”

And aslo I added some photos of Bella in the Gallery. Check out the photos below!