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Hello, an another trailer of the new movie of Bella “The Duff” has been released. Watch the trailer of the movie below. You can also visit the new photoshoot for Yahoo Bella Beauty which is extremely beautiful .And I also wish you a Beautiful & Happy New Year.

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Hello, The First trailer of the new movie of Bella “The Duff” has been released and you can aslo see a new stills & poster in the gallery. Watch the trailer of the movie below.

We have a feeling we’re going to loathe Bella’s character Madison in the film, figuring she plays the ultimate mean girl and bully Madison. Mae Whitman, who plays Bianca, will be doing everything in her power to overthrow Madison and prove that no matter what people look like, we all have insecurities.

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I have added 3 stills with Bella for her upcoming movie “The Duff”.

The flick is based on the novel The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend), by Kody Keplinger, who was only 17 when she wrote it. Protagonist Bianca (played by Mae Whitman) has been labeled “the DUFF” by the student body and is determined to overthrow Madison (Bella’s character), the school’s evil queen. “I don’t like playing mean characters, but Madison isn’t your typical pretty girl,” Bella reveals. “She wears simple outfits and doesn’t raise her voice.” Her dark brown eyes widen=. “All the fire is in her expression!”

Bella jumps up to go to the gym for her next take. It’s decked out with a rotating disco ball and full-on party decor for this pivotal scene, where Madison, in Bella’s words, “finally gets her slap in the face.” With The Hangover’s Ken Jeong as a costar (“He is so cool!”) and a tight-knit cast (“Skyler Samuels and I go to the pool on our days off. We’re soaking with organic coconut oil—it’s supposed to be good for you!”), this experience has been one for the ages. “I’ve never gone to an actual homecoming,” Bella whispers to me from the stage. “But I’m living it now, so I don’t need to do it for real!”



Cuban-American singer and actress Bella Thorne dishes on her upcoming movie roles and the personal life of a rising star in Latina’s December 2014/January 2015 issue. The 17-year-old fashionista reveals how she handles the criticism on everything from her clothes to her ethnicity in Latina’s exclusive interview, which hits newsstands and Nook Newsstand on November 10, 2014.

On the public’s response to her fashion choices: “Does it irk me? Definitely. It irks me deep down into my soul. It’s like, ‘What do you want from me? I’m a teenager.’ ”

On her recent breakup with on-and-off boyfriend Tristan Klier: “He doesn’t really get why I can’t just go to the mall or go to the gym like a regular teenager because of who I am. It’s a little tough at times.”

On having her first big role on Disney’s Shake It Up cancelled without warning: “We read about it in the trades. Nobody from the network told us. It did feel like a betrayal. The show was my home for three years, and the cast and crew were my family.”

On putting her other passion, writing, to good use: “I wanted to write a book because I’m dyslexic. It’s important to me to show my fans all over the world that if I can do it by working for it, so can they.”

On defining her Latin roots, despite criticism, after her father’s tragic death: “I know I’m Latina. I don’t think speaking Spanish or having dark hair is what makes you Latin. That’s ridiculous and it irritates me when people question it. Having a quince made me feel closer to my roots and closer to my dad.”

Go behind the scenes of Bella’s Latina Magazine cover shoot below:


Bella attended the Taylor Spreitler’s 21st birthday from last night in Studio City. (September 20 , 2014).She was awesome with a beautiful black dress. Take a look below!
Check out our photo gallery for HQ photos !


According to Deadline, the 17-year-old actress/singer just joined the cast of the upcoming animated flick Underdogs, which hits theaters on April 10, 2015!
The Argentine-Spanish family movie follows a “shy but talented foosball player who defends his town and his girl from a nefarious soccer player with the help of his foosball table figurines, who come magically to life.”

The star-studded cast also includes Ariana Grande, Nicholas Hoult, Matthew Morrison, Katie Holmes, and more.